Critical Reasons to Add a Medicare Supplement to Your Health Insurance

Many retirees experience chronic health conditions that require constant treatment. However, because they no longer work full-time jobs, they typically lose access to benefits that they once enjoyed during their careers. Instead of paying for your healthcare costs out of your own pocket, you can invest in a policy that will act as a secondary to your Social Security benefits. You can buy a Medicare supplement policy that will pay for most or all of your physicals, prescriptions, and other healthcare services.

How Having Health Insurance Can Protect Your Health

Health insurance is important insurance that you need, no matter how old you are. If you don't have insurance, it can be difficult to see a medical provider when you need it most and it may prevent you from wanting to get help due to the cost of care. The good news is, it's getting easier to buy health insurance on your own, even if your employer doesn't offer it. Here are some ways having health insurance can protect your health.